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Owen & Associates has the financial resources to stand up for you. Many defendants will spend huge amounts of many to try to force an injured person to abandon their rightful claim. We make the commitment to ensure that your case is handled in the most effective way, regardless of how much a defendant, may be willing to spend against you.

At Owen & Associates, we know your time is valuable, too. Our ability to travel quickly and to make rapid decisions, protect your interests. Getting to the scene of an incident and investigating it quickly and fully can make a tremendous difference in the value of your case.

Our sophisticated network of legal expertise is designed in that manner. We operate our own nine-passenger jet plane with the ability to move across the country in a few hours. We have access to other planes, helicopters, boats, and other vehicles and equipment that allows us to meet our clients’ need effectively, efficiently, and quickly.

Recovering from a tragedy is hard work. Finding justice after such a tragedy can be difficult and costly. Owen & Associates works for our clients on a contingency fee basis. This means we handle all of the expenses required for our team to prepare and present your best case. Clients pay no up-front costs, attorney fees, or expenses unless and until a recovery is made.

While you move on with your life, Owen & Associates carries on with your fight.

  • December 2, 2015

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Case Type Settlement
18-Wheeler Accident $ 2,475,000
Tire Failure/Vehicle Rollover $ 1,000,000
Tire Failure/Vehicle Rollover $ 3,075,000
Plane Crash $ 1,000,000
Trucking Negligence $ 500,000
Tire Failure/Vehicle Rollover $ 8,000,000
Vehicle Rollover/Roof Crush $ 2,500,000
Vehicle Rollover/Seat Belt Failure $ 2,250,000
Tire Failure/Vehicle Rollover $ 5,000,000
Vehicle Rollover $ 6,000,000
Oil Products Explosion $ 13,000,000
Pipeline Explosion $ 1,700,000
Construction Gas Explosion $ 6,000,000
Tire Failure $ 2,000,000
Vehicle Rollover $ 10,000,000
Electrocution $ 1,650,000
Oil Field Explosion $ 2,500,000
Tire Detread $ 2,175,000
Tire Detread $ 4,000,000
Fuel System Defect $ 4,500,000