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Since 1990, Owen & Associates has represented thousands of individuals and families who have suffered loss of life, catastrophic injury, and related damages as a result of the negligence of others.

Owen & Associates represents injured people only. We do not represent insurance companies, corporations, or product manufacturers. We aggressively advance the legal rights of people to seek compensation for the injuries and damages. We believe the right to a trial by jury is absolutely crucial to keep the scales of justice balanced between those injured and those who cause injury. In the civil injury and damage cases of our clients, the law provide for the recovery of money damages only. Owen & Associates is committed to maximizing that recovery for the survivors of negligent acts. Our clients are individuals and their family members who have been harmed by automotive defects, transportation negligence, workplace and construction accidents, machinery and equipment failures, safety violations, and a variety of other equally harmful events.

Owen & Associates believe these events are avoidable. When they do occur, we diligently prosecute responsible parties to achieve the best possible recovery for our clients.

Our goal…protecting your rights.

Area of Legal Concentration:

  • Defective tires on a vehicle fail and cause a rollover…
  • A component part of a vehicle: like a seatbelt, a roof structure or a seatback fails to protect the occupants of the car from injury because of defective design…
  • A commercial driver fails to get the required rest and causes a collision with innocent travelers…
  • An 18-wheeler suffers a catastrophic brake or engine failure, causing the tractor-trailer to go out of control and crash…
  • An employer fails to provide proper safety equipment or safe working conditions for the employees resulting in fire, an explosion, or a structural collapse…
  • A child-restraint seat breaks loose from its mountings in a low-speed accident causing serious injuries in what should have been a non-injury collision…
  • An improperly grounded high voltage line at a construction site causes worker to be seriously injured or killed…
    There is negligence in handling of a medical or surgical procedure…
  • The care of an elderly person in a nursing home is mishandled…
  • A drilling rig or petrochemical operation explodes, collapses catches fire, or otherwise fails…
  • Any serious injury or death that is caused by the negligence of others…

Owen & Associates is there for you.

  • December 2, 2015

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Your Success

Case Type Settlement
18-Wheeler Accident $ 2,475,000
Tire Failure/Vehicle Rollover $ 1,000,000
Tire Failure/Vehicle Rollover $ 3,075,000
Plane Crash $ 1,000,000
Trucking Negligence $ 500,000
Tire Failure/Vehicle Rollover $ 8,000,000
Vehicle Rollover/Roof Crush $ 2,500,000
Vehicle Rollover/Seat Belt Failure $ 2,250,000
Tire Failure/Vehicle Rollover $ 5,000,000
Vehicle Rollover $ 6,000,000
Oil Products Explosion $ 13,000,000
Pipeline Explosion $ 1,700,000
Construction Gas Explosion $ 6,000,000
Tire Failure $ 2,000,000
Vehicle Rollover $ 10,000,000
Electrocution $ 1,650,000
Oil Field Explosion $ 2,500,000
Tire Detread $ 2,175,000
Tire Detread $ 4,000,000
Fuel System Defect $ 4,500,000